Calling all GENIUSES... YES that's you!

"Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living DE-GENIUSES them" ~ Buckminster Fuller

Yes, you are a genius! How, might you ask? You and everyone else has the potential to be. You have had many moments of genius in your lifetime. Those times when you had a brilliant or unique idea, or have accomplished something and totally amazed yourself.

Genius is open to all, it is universal, and we can tap into this as we are connected to Universal Source energy or God. Let's look at a few habits you can cultivate in your life and how to tap into your genius.

  1. State your intention! Put it out there. You have a unique gift, and the world needs to know about it.

  2. Listen to your inner voice! The ideas that are in your mind are your private connection to Source energy or God. This is your intuition, and those thoughts are not here by accident.

  3. Take that first step, and follow your gut feeling. For e.g. write that book, record that song, start that YouTube account - do what you love. Dont let FEAR stop you.

  4. Believe in your ideas and know that they are valid.

  5. Practice gratitude... yes, you've heard it before, however, it really is a magnet for miracles. Shift your energy and vibrate in harmony with Source energy or God and appreciate your life in advance. It's still one of the best ways to feel good and manifest.

  6. Be in a state of awe and bewilderment. Practice humility and give credit to everything except your ego. Your talent is a GIFT that has been given to you by Source energy or God.

  7. Release doubt and resistance and don't let any other thought interfere with realising your intention.

  8. Practice, practice and practice visualising. This is huge. I cannot speak enough about how your thoughts create your life. Everything in your life up to now was created by you. Your IMAGINATION is incredabily powerful. USE IT WISELY!


"Genius is a 99 percent of hard work and 1 percent of imagination" ~ Thomas Edison

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